These Confessions By People In Open Relationships Show How Love Can Be One Big Grey Area

What is one of the key components of a lasting and fruitful relationship? Undoubtedly, trust. If one trusts his or her partner, half of the war is won.

However, every aspect of a relationship demands to be felt doubly in an open relationship and the struggles seem to be twice as much as in a monogamous relationship. People in open relationships took to Whisper, the app, to confess some of their thoughts and motives that might take even the best of us aback. 

These confessions might also answer some of your unanswered questions about open relationships.

  • All the Sex out of the system

    All the Sex out of the system

  • Guilty and Low
    Guilty and Low

  • The First Move
    The First Move

  • We come first
    We come first

  • Undesirable

  • Long Distance
    Long Distance

  • Want to Experiment
    Want to Experiment

  • Scared

  • Don’t Know
    Don't Know

  • Cannot Handle
    Cannot Handle

  • How to Pitch?
    How to Pitch?

  • Is it Cheating?
    Is it Cheating?

  • Became closer and more passionate
    Became closer and more passionate

  • Best Thing
    Best Thing

  • Perfect

Not everything is as it seems.

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